Committee Chairs



Kristen Hafford

The membership committee oversees all activities concerning membership of the HBA to include accountability, recruiting, collection of dues and member benefits.  The membership committee is responsible for the gathering and management of all member information pages for the HBA website.  There are 7 available membership committee seats including the chairperson. 


Paul Saulnier
CIVILized Solutions

The publicity and marketing committee is responsible for all marketing and advertising efforts of the Association.  Their primary responsibility is the construction, management, updating and oversight of the HBA website.  They work with the membership committee to continuously update the membership database on the website.  The publicity/marketing committee is responsible for all press releases of the events and activities of the Association to include working with the event committee and the meeting committee for updating the public for future events.  There are 7 available seats on this committee including the chairperson.

Community Action    

Jane Gilfoy

The community action committee oversees the operations of the Holliston Community Action Fund.  They directly liason and coordinate with the Holliston Department of Youth and Family Services to determine eligible grant recipients and provide recommendations for grants to the HBA Board of Directors.  They are responsible for working directly with the treasurer for the management and dispersement of HCAF grants.  They also receive, review and provide recommendations for the organizational grants held annually.  There are 7 available seats for this committee to include the chairperson.


John Drohan

The scholarship committee is responsible for the oversight and processes outlined in the HBA Scholarship Trust which is a separate entity governed by the HBA Board of Directors.  The scholarship committee reviews the annual applications submitted for scholarship grants and provides recommendations to the HBA Board.  They review and provide recommendations for updating the guidelines of the scholarship trust on an annual basis.  The scholarship committee also manages and distributes all monies of the HBA Scholarship Trust.  There are 7 seats for this committee to include the chairperson.

Event Committee    

Sharon Doherty-Clancy

The event committee is responsible for the oversight of the organizing and planning of the major events of the calendar year.  They work directly with whomever the appointed chairperson is of that particular event to assist in the staffing of the sub-committee, assist in procurement of equipment and supplies, scheduling of venues and staffing the required positions of the event itself.  Particular event sub-committees stem from the event committee.  There are 7 seats for the primary event committee and subcommittee seats are required for a given event.

Network Meeting Committee    

Al Adovasio

The meeting committee is responsible for the coordination, oversight and planning of the 10 annual general membership meetings.  They will plan the venues, recruit and recommend the guest speaker, coordinate the meeting sponsors and manage meeting budget.  There are 7 seats on this available for this committee to include the chairperson.

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