The purpose of the Holliston Business Association (HBA) is to serve and support all local Holliston businesses and to give back to the community in which we all do business. We do this through the HBA Scholarship Fund and through the Holliston Community Action Fund.

A Brief History

The “Holliston Businessman’s Association” was originally founded in the early 1950’s by local Holliston businesses who were interested in forming a collective voice to work with the town and other civic entities to help improve the business environment in the town. The “Holliston Business Association” or HBA was officially chartered as a 501-3c non-profit organization in 1978. The HBA grew to become a very strong business and networking group that supported one another’s goals to run viable and profitable businesses in the town. The HBA also founded their scholarship trust which to this day continues to provide scholarship grants to high school seniors pursuing degrees in business. A good number of members began to lose interest in the late 1990s as the political and business climate began to shift to larger businesses along with the introduction of technological breakthroughs. Although the scholarship trust continued to award scholarships, the HBA lay dormant for nearly 8 years.

In the wake of the 2008 recession the HBA was revived by both old and new businesses alike. The HBA focus shifted to supporting the local Holliston Businesses by increasing the awareness of the importance of shopping locally. In turn the HBA also pledged to give back to the community by starting a “Community Action Fund” in conjunction with the Department of Youth and Family Services which serves as an emergency relief source for needy members of our community.

The HBA’s goal is to have every business in the town of Holliston as members in order to provide all businesses the ability to give back and support the people of our town as well as support one another to maintain the strong businesses that make the town so unique.